, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-19 2:56:10
“Model flying is discovery that leads to learning and inspiration. Without easy, affordable access to model aviation as a young man, I would never have pursued a career in UAS Technology. I would not be inspired to find my way to manned aviation and hang gliding. I would not be driven to push our leaders to support and pursue aviation and space innovation as private and national interests. I’m concerned unfounded fears of unsubstantiated risks are driving a rule-making effort that will not make anyone safer. I’m concerned that difficult hurdles will be placed in front of new entrants to a hobby that gives us so much. I’m concerned innovation that makes our world better will be stifled before it has a chance to drive our world forward. Please consider that while we do not a have a right to but any of our fellow users of the airspace in harms way, no one’s right to safety should trump everyone’s right to fair and free access to the skies above.”