, Singapore

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2020-02-22 20:38:14
“Flying model aircraft and drones since 30 years and safety has always played a major role to ensure our hobby remain viable. Unfortunately a very bad light was cast upon the hobby in recent years driven, in my opinion, by large extent due to media reporting and sensationalization. Although verified safety issues remain the exception, lawmakers all over the globe (maybe fueled by additional interests from major industries) arw quick to impose regulations without real knowledge of the topic and its implications. Take drone registration for example: so far, to my knowledge, drone registration has not resulted in any change in the perceived safety concerns, yet more and more counties are opting for it. Remote ID drives this to the next level with more of the same and zero evidence that it will improve the perceived situation (unless it kills the hobby in which case the evidence that the medicine was effective will from the death of the illnes along with the patient…..).”