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, Michigan

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2020-02-24 19:54:56
“I am a single working father that used model aviation as a vessel to connect with and teach my son technical, social, and family skills that I felt would benefit him and his family to come. As a family and with friends we actively enjoy many different model aircraft year round. Outdoor in the summer at parks, local flying clubs, and at full scale airport flying events for intermission entertainment as well as indoors at home, our church gym, and our local sports dome.We buy, trade, sell and build pre-made designs also, some of our own creations including a flying pizza box lid. Also many Flitetest scratch built planes. Not do we only fly fixed wing airplanes but helicopters and FPV racing quads (drones) of all sizes. I enjoy teaching, helping spreadthe joy, and fun of model aviation. I hope that FAA will work with aviation hobbyist to keep their legacy to continue to teach, pass down, and enjoy our hobby for years to come.”