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2020-02-25 8:21:22
“I have build model planes with my dad as a child and as I got older I became part of a STEM program called ARC in Augusta GA. We have used RC flight to teach underprivileged children about applied science, electronics, basics of flight, and math to motivate learning through exposure. We set up flight simulators, have buddy box flights at an AMA field, and set up models for display. We also worked with the juvenile courts system for first time offenders and developed a curriculum that ties in RC flight with behavior while introducing science and math. 4 students from this class have gone on to study math or engineering in college. And many students have pursued RC flight as a hobby due to decreased cost and entities such as Flite Test. Increased regulation would make this hobby difficult to participate in due to increased financial requirements and limited flying sites. I would hate for this hobby to be further limited to those who can’t pay for it.”