, Rochester

, New York

, United States

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2020-02-14 13:37:53
“I started off in the RC hobby with an RC car I got when I was around 10. As I grew up I slowly got more and bigger RC cars and sometimes I did have an RC airplane but it dint last all that long. During high school, I started watching rotor riot (the old one before they became a threat to the public) and wanted to do what they did so I got into drones. I think I have tow 5in drones and a tiny whoop. Eventually, I found out that I have all the equipment nessicary to build airplanes. So I started doing that. When I got to uni I joined the aero design team and now I build my own airplanes and design them out of both balsa wood. I fly on weekends when it’s not too cold or windy.”