, South Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-26 16:46:33
“I’ve loved aviation since childhood. When I was 9, I rode along with my Uncle in his Cessna 170 for my first ever flight. As a teenager in high school, I flew control line aircraft at a local flying club that was approved by the FAA and sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aviation (AMA). While I served in the US Air Force from 1984-2007, and I could afford to pay as I learned for private pilot lessons in General Aviation (GA) in 1991 through 1993. I accrued 12 hours by paying as I could afford it rather than financing because I was living by my budget. The great thing back then was 1 hour cost $50 for both the airplane and my instructor pilot. In 1994, the Air Force had other plans for me, reassigned me to Republic of South Korea for my tour of duty, so flight training for me was over. When I returned to the States, real life issues took precedence over flying pleasure. Now it’s 2020. The cost per hour for GA is out of my range, so I’ve been flying with my AMA membership at my local club. I have an intermediate sized hangar of model aircraft, all less than 15 pounds in weight, that I fly at my local AMA Charter club and when I go support the hobby at other clubs within a days driving distance for their events. I miss the seat of the pants feel from actually flying in GA, but still get the satisfaction from flying my fleet of model aircraft and attempting to make each flight as scale as possible because these models exhibit the same aerodynamic effects as their full scale counterparts. For this hobby, I get satisfaction from learning and applying what I’ve learned, doing it in a safe environment at a AMA sanctioned club airfield. Thank you to Flite Test for their undying efforts to support this hobby and promote it and educate all who are willing to hear.”