, Salem

, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-14 17:36:14
“I am a semi-professional photographer. Retired, I provide photographic and video content as an unpaid volunteer to government entities and non-profit organizations which have included the following: · Cascade Volcano Observatory (USGS) · State of Oregon · Tillamook Public Utility District · The Tierra Del Mar Neighborhood Association · The Vashon Island Nature Center · Intercity Transit – Olympia, Washington · The Civita Institute I am a Certified Remote Pilot and presently have two small camera drones registered with the FAA. The primary purpose of my involvement with UAV’s has been to extend my photographic capabilities. As the technology advanced, it became possible to capture whole new perspectives, especially in landscape and architectural photography by using my UAVs. The FAA proposal obviates the use of such UAV’s in vast areas of the US west. Owing to the remoteness, topography, forest canopy cover and a myriad of other natural barriers occurring within the 400 foot AGL airspace to which UAV’s are limited, neither wifi nor cell signal connection can be established/reliably maintained in much of the region. For example, I have a house on the Oregon coast in a small neighborhood of homes. This neighborhood is adjacent to a five mile long beach area lying between two capes. Owing to the capes, this community has no cell coverage. Further, much of my photographic work in landscape photography may be in remote areas that are otherwise not with restricted airspace. This includes ravines, canyons, gullies, mountains, coastlines and forests. Many of these areas of photographic interest may have no cell coverage available. As written, this proposed rule will precipitate a dramatic loss of access to much of the scenic west by UAV’s.”