Ed C


, Nicholasville

, Kentucky

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 15:09:50
“Flying model airplanes is relaxing and fun. I usually fly with other club members. We swap ideas, building techniques and flying suggestions. Sometimes we trade aircraft. We fly twice a week (Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings) April thru October when the weather is good. Our club is small 15/20 members. We cook out on Thursday evenings couple times a month. We welcome new members regardless of their skill level. During our fly sessions there is always help if someone has a problem. Our group is made up of retirees, semi-retirees, blue collar workers and young modelers just starting out. These FAA Proposals will destroy our club and very likely the model aircraft industry as well. The idea that these proposals are for the public’s safety is both absurd and baseless. When FAA actually stood for air safety, Boeing would never have been allowed to flight certify it’s own aircraft. Organized model aviation is almost 100 years old with a spotless record. No model airplane event has ever resulted in the loss of 300 plus souls. My message to the FAA: Get your priorities straight. Model airplanes are NOT your problem. Ed C White, Secretary, XCell RC Club Nicholasville, KY”