, Eustis

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 8:41:07
“### I have had a passion for aviation my entire life (50 yrs). I always dreamt of flying. This passion has had a major impact in steering my life. I took aviation as an elective in high school, attended Embry Riddle for a time, constructed visual databases for use in flight simulators, rebuilt a VariEze in my garage and shared this passion with everyone I came in contact with. I discovered model aviation about 15 years ago, when I started experiencing anxiety attacks from a social disorder and could no longer engage in actual cockpit flight. I immediately fell in love with the hobby through flying fixed wings and helis. I then transitioned to multi-rotors about 7 years ago and quickly discovered a tremendous passion for FPV. Now I fly FPV in EDF jets, prop planes and multi-rotors. I spent the past 5 years saving to purchase enough land so I can fly at home when I am unable to make it out to the local flying field. I live in a semi-rural area and Internet service through my phone is spotty at best. I am terrified that this ruling will wipe out a number of my life long passions and cripple my ability to pass my experiences on to my children. It is difficult to express in words how FPV flying has changed my life. I love line of sight flying, however, the true feeling of flight comes from the full submersion into the experience that only a good set of goggles can provide. Now with HD FPV, that experience has been upgraded to a whole new level. I do not believe any of the proposed regulations are necessary. 99% of the RC pilots I know are responsible people and always follow the guidelines established by the AMA. We do not ever fly into general aviation airspace or over people or personal property. I hope the FAA now understands that we are a close community of like minded, responsible individuals who gain happiness by looking upward into the sky. :-) thanks!”