, Defiance

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:32:54
“I don’t have that much time to write a book. I have been a modeler for over 40 years. I have seen many changes in that time. when E flight came out with the 350qx with GPS and auto land, I purchased one. Next thing I see is some non real modelers putting videos on YouTube seeing how high they could get. It only takes a couple of non educated people to ruin it for all of the hobby community. The big panic was when the real chopper pilots figured out they were going loose money because of this new technology and started to cry to the FAA of sightings of drones that didn’t happen. Greed in the manufacture of Drones, to have them sold everywhere (Best Buy, Walmart, Internet) has made it so anyone with a little money can get one. DJI have cornered a big share of the market. I have gone to the Toledo RC show every year for over 40 years and the last two have been sad. The hobby is declining. Why? People have better things to do with their money.”