, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-24 14:41:08
“I build and fly RC vehicles as my hobby and release from stress of work/life. Nearly 100% of the time I am flying either in my yard or at a local park far from people and never over 100′ in the air. The proposed rule would restrict all of that flying as I understand it. I do understand and agree that some more regulations and rules need to be put in place however when just flying in yards/parks below the tree line I don’t feel like this type of flying should be restricted. I am very cognisant of people around me and the safety of the areas I fly. I would be fine with something like the LAANC system and agree with the need for registration (which I am), however the internet connected remote ID equipment on the aircraft does not make sense on most of my models as they are very light (sub 200g) this equipment wouldn’t fit and would drastically affect flight performance.”