, Hendersonville

, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-20 7:43:06
“I have been in flying models and full size airplanes for 75 years and at 85, I am still building and flying model airplanes.. Safety everywhere I have ever flown has been a primary concern. Every club or event I have ever been to have safety as a primary concern. Anyone that didn’t comply was denied to participate. I found that most of those that build and fly model airplanes have positive attitudes about the hobby. Every plane I own has my name, phone #, AMA and FAA#. Everyone I know does the same just because it makes sense. Most work at trying to get others to join in the hobby, particularly young people. The industry also wants and encourages young people to get evolved. I have had a number of drones and that is a different world from building and flying model airplanes. Cheap drones can be bought almost anywhere and advertised everywhere. They are very easy to fly and buyers feel they can be flown anywhere. This is not true with model airplanes. Model airplanes, even ready to fly, are not easy and require a much larger area to fly and not crash. Most hobby shops encourage new buyers to get help in the beginning from another pilot or club. I think the most positive things I can say about model airplane hobby is it’s self regulation with the help of clubs and AMA and the desire to become better at flying or building. I believe and all that I have discussed this with feel Strong regulations and added costs will seriously damage this hobby and will cause many to leave!!”