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, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-25 7:35:24
“I have been involved with model aviation since I was a kid. The idea of flight has always fascinated me. But not having much money and many responsibilities, I don’t have the money for full scale, piloted aviation. For me, modeling is the next best thing. I only fly fixed wing aircraft that I build myself and only at a AMA approved flying site with strictly enforced safety rules. I have been an AMA member since the beginning. The manner in which I fly, the fixed wing aircraft I fly and the site that I fly is of no threat to anyone. While I agree that there are some who fly remotely controlled aircraft of a certain kind and in a certain unrestricted way are a nuisance, if not a direct public danger, I do not agree that the government regulations imposed should harm everyone because of the actions of a few irresponsible people. In fact, I believe that this kind of government over reaching is at the heart of the reason so many Americans have lost faith in our government to fulfill it’s basic responsibility, that being to represent the interest and affairs of the people fairly and effectively. Because some people are a danger to a civil society is no reason to smack everyone in the head with a two by four! I have introduced two of my three children to modeling aviation and we enjoy it as a family recreational activity. If the government makes regulations so onerous that it becomes too expensive and complex to fly, I’m afraid our wholesome, family friendly, affordable sport may be lost.”