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2020-02-20 11:36:50
“I am a retired person that has just got back into flying RC aircraft in the last 2 yrs and am a builder as well as flyer. Part of this restrictive legislative rules suggested would virtually eliminate part of the way some pilots are allowed to fly. I am referring specifically to pilots of RC gliders and powered gliders especially since thermal energy’s and slope currants are how the aircraft stay in the air for extended times. The height limitations suggested would virtually destroy a good part of this. Height limitations or distance limitations from ground level on slopes. The suggested not allowing for flight in non controlled areas would eliminate a lot of area that pilots could use to test their designs, as well as the search for new areas for people and clubs to fly in and the opening of new flying fields to replace ones that are being closed. The enclosed picture is a example of one type of aircraft a 2 meter powered glider that I am referring to, the suggested added equipment would be weight/performance damaging to flight characteristics.”