, Queen Creek

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-13 21:12:03
“I make a living as an ATP licensed Air Medical Pilot. My flying takes me to remote areas to help communities take care of and transport their sick and wounded. I would not have been able to give this life saving service if I had not gotten the flying bug when I was young flying radio controlled helicopters and airplanes. I am also a proud owner of a 1967 MOONEY M20C that keeps me involved with the general aviation community. Whenever I go flying I get my wife and 2 children to come along. My son also flies radio controlled airplanes with me as well. My wife and daughter like to fly the multi rotors because of their simplicity. As an air ambulance pilot, I do not make anywhere near as much money compared to an airline pilot. But, I do really like what I do, it feels good knowing I am helping people to get the rapid care they need. Some of the proposals of the FAA’s would harm my family’s pastime. It will even cause one or two of them to not fly anymore because of the burden of having to travel further to a flying field that may disappear in the near future due to the lack of members. I feel if there needs to be a form of aircraft identification (transponder), we could add a very light weight miniature ADS-B that could be incorporated into our radio controlled receivers. Or as a stopgap we could use a very light stand alone unit that could be used in the our aircraft that can be transferred easily to whatever aircraft will be flown next. But the expense has to be low enough for anyone, especially families, to afford staying in this great hobby. The ADS-B for my 1967 Mooney M20C aircraft was very expensive, my wife and I almost sold it because of the additional cost. Thank you for your time, David A Keefler 2920225 ATP”