, Liberty

, South Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 11:47:07
“As a recreational flyer, and sometime builder, I am concerned that the proposed regulations will create higher costs, loss of flying sites, and make recreational flying more difficult. I fly gliders, and frequently fly above 400 ft. It is done in remote areas, typically not under CBO, and generally without wifi and minimal or no cellular coverage. I am concerned the proposed regulations will not allow this flying to continue. I recognize the need to protect the airspace, but believe this threat has increased by the multi-rotor aircraft, with gps enabled flight. The sale of this type of aircraft has allowed non-regulated, non-trained, and essentially unqualified persons to fly in potentially dangerous locations. Also, the wider spread use of FPV technology has allowed operations beyond line of site, giving the “pilot” the ability to operate the aircraft without any visual recognition of full size aircraft in the same area. Pilots who fly line of sight only, in FAA allowed airspace, should not be penalized by the ignorant and potentially dangerous pilots who have created the need for regulations.”