, South Burlington

, Vermont

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 22:57:25
“I’ve been flying RC planes since 1975. Back then I built balsa kits and scratch built balsa model planes. My first RC radio was a Heathkit which I built. I’m a sport pilot. I fly for fun. I have 12 planes at present. Four I built in the late 1980’s – early 90’s. They originally ran on glo-fuel. I have converted them to electric. They range in wingspan from 57 to 78 inches. Lately I have been building planes from dollar-store foam board. The plans come from Flite Test. These are inexpensive and very light model planes that are put together with hot-glue. They do not have room for or have the capacity to cary any electronic sensors. I am a member of two model airplane clubs that are backed by the AMA. One is in Vermont where I live and one is in Florida where I winter. Both have fixed flying sites. I fly at these sites as they are maintained and due to the camaraderie there. I also have several small planes (park flyers) that I fly in various open spaces (not fixes sites). This could be in open farmland or at friends houses. I also have two sea planes that I fly on Lake Champlain. I also fly during the winter on the ice of Lake Champlain. I recommend that you do not have a requirement for Remote ID for sport flyers in organized clubs like mine. 2/3rds of my planes are also to small to cary any type of tracking device. In the event this has to be, a system that would immediately authorize wherever I want to fly as a fixed flying site using an app may be acceptable.”