, Pembroke Pines

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 12:42:03
“My wife and I have become loving fans of FPV quadcopter flying. This hobby has brought us together and we are daily flyers. The cost is extremely high to build and operate and the proposed regulations would most likely make it impossible to enjoy our family hobby. We have a large field that is mostly unused and we stay within three to four hundred feet at all times. The range is not very far so it is very simple to see us and our flight patterns. A quadcopter is not the same thing as a drone with GPS that you just program it and turn it on. We are completely immersed in the flight and fly it as if we are in it. Our small quads can hover with full vision and can be flown safely in all air spaces. My wife has always dreamt of being a pilot and this hobby has given her this dream.”