, Australia

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2020-02-22 19:11:58
“I only scratch build planes from foamboard and epp to have to install and register each and ever plane and add all this extra weight and complexity is crazy, most of my planes might only last a few flights or only last a few months before they are destroyed from flying, this is just nuts its not like its a aircraft thats cost $1000.00 plus thats going to last years,and the only local registered flying field is a good 1 hour away so i fly where ever i feel is a safe location and my avarage flight time when out some where is only 1 hour max then i am headding back home or where i happen to be staying with my work and there is some where to fly and i have a plane with me i will go for a quick fly,there has never been any problems in the past with model flyers with the hobby so why make trouble now it has very little or nothing to do with safety and everyting to do with money and thats it,this will kill the hobby for ever.”