, United Kingdom

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2020-02-25 17:45:19
“I started out with making an F450 back in 2016 which was a massive failure. It used a NAZE32 which was extremely poorly tuned so it ended up crashing all the time! The interest I gained in electronics then allowed me to begin tinkering with Internet of Things devices which are also the cutting edge of innovation at the minute. From that I was able to create sensors and actuators to automate things around my home, and my parents home. Aside from these 2 specific interests, I strongly believe the failures that I experienced while building some of my drones has allowed me to be a “braver” person and I will now study and attempt just about anything! (within reason…) I’m actually from the UK, but if past history is anything to go by, when the US introduces something the UK is not far behind. We’re even more restricted for space in the UK than the US so any further “regulations” will be an impedement to the hobby. I appreciate greatly the efforts you guys are going to in order to protect the hobby! Dave”