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, Florida

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2020-02-23 12:08:47
“I started flying RC aircraft in 1983. I have taught both my sons to fly and 4 of my 6 grandsons. The other two will soon follow if we are still allowed to fly. We live in a crowded urban environment and the closest flying club is an hour away. The reasons I have not joined that club is the distance and that most of the people there fly gas or turbine aircraft which are way out of my price range. They appear to be annoyed by small electrics like the ones I build and fly. I have always flown in public spaces and have never had an accident or complaint. I am concerned about safety and belong to the AMA. I have taught many people to fly over the years and a few have gone on to fly full scale aircraft. One of my nephews that I taught to fly years ago is now a Captain for Frontier Airlines. It would be a shame to loose this hobby which provides both enjoyment and educational opportunities to so many people.”