, San Jose

, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:57:58
“Those serious hobbyist always help the people just getting into flying. It is great to see it has become a family oriented hobby. Many newbies start as father and son or father and daughter. It gets the kids off of their phones and outdoors. I have seen many kids just in awe of the fun the sport brings to their lives and the many new friends. Scratch builds are a great economical way to get started. Adding more complexity and cost will be detrimental to the sport. It is also a great hobby for those of us who are retired. We meet other retirees as well as all ages. The hobby helps keep us involved and in touch with our community. Adding increase expense and complexity will affect many retirees budgets. I understand regulating the commercial drones as they are have far more capability than is hobbyist can afford. But the general population are just hobbyists. We fly in nearby parks, out back yards, open fields in rural areas and flying club fields – away from restricted areas such as airports and military bases. Implementing this draconian id system will hurt the sport and create a black market for these products as well. It is really over regulating the hobby. Please reconsider the overall affect this will have on the hobby. I understand most of you in Washington have not experienced the radio controlled flying hobby and yet you want to create rules affect it. You should get out of your ivory tower and get involved in what your constituents enjoy. They are the one who voted for you.”