, Franklin

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 23:47:30
“I became interested in hobby aircraft within the last 10 years and started by building my own planes and learning all about the hobby by using designs provided by Flite Test. What was most interesting about this is I started building airplanes to fly in my technology and science classrooms, and my students began asking so many questions. With that I started an Aerodynamics unit in my technology classes, and often use my planes to help instruct students. But it doesn’t end there…. more recently, with help from our state’s education department, and local assistance from the PA Rural Robotics Initiative our school was able to afford over 45 drones to help introduce our students to the educational purposes behind these very useful aircraft. I understand the importance of safety, but currently, with interests increasing every year, and with creating regulations without being properly informed by the citizens that use these aircraft regularly, there is a high likelihood that these regulations could potentially and dramatically decrease the interests in these aircraft, and make it more difficult for people to use and enjoy.”