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2020-02-24 6:26:55
“I have been involved in aviation all of my life. I started building and flying RC planes as a child in the 60’s and have been flying ever since. My involvement in the hobby has led me to earning my PPL in the late 70’s which I kept active until early 90’s. I then again focused most of my flying in the RC hobby as I found it affordable, challenging and much more fun. Today I work for a construction firm and hold a Part 107 in order to fly the company Quad to perform building inspections. These inspections have increased our overall safety rating in that our crews no longer need to use special safety equipment and take risks in order to perform inspections. I feel both man and unmanned aviation can work safely together through training and common sense rules. I feel Part 107 Pilots should be considered professionals and able to fly in any airspace required to do their job. I also believe there should be ways for any hobby pilot to fly in class G airspace without restriction under 400 Feet. I feel Remote ID is good needed for any pilot flying under Part 107 in Controlled airspace, such as E, D, C or even B. Remote ID should be required also for flights beyond line of site, as well as Autonomous flights. In General aviation it falls upon pilots to be ultimately responsible for aircraft separation and safety. I feel this should also apply to unmanned aircraft pilots as well. Thank you for all you are doing to help support the hobby and unmanned aircraft community. Dan”