, Hendersonville

, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-19 22:05:31
“I am not a great flier.I find a lot of joy being around the planes and the guys flying and all the camaraderie. We have been flying RC Planes for 80 years and never had a problem. Drones enter the scene and have cause a issue. We can not fly planes further than (Line of sight),Drones on the other hand,Yes you can and there should be restrictions which can all be done in software. Its a shame that a few can create such problems for so many. The small town flying field or Club is like the old time barber shop for so many. Such a wonderful place for father and son or daughter. Who knows how many commercial pilots started at their local club. Please don’t take this away or make it so expensive that this great hobby is destroyed. All of this said there is also the fact of ALL of the money that so many have invested in this hobby. The small and large Hobby shops that depend on this hobby. Please don’t think that all UMA are the same. Planes are always Line of Sight. Drones are NOT Thank you for reading and considerations to help not hurt this Hobby, Dana Williams”