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, California

, United States

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2020-02-13 17:49:52
“I originally bought a 3DR solo to use as a film making tool. However – after taking some time learning to fly and becoming proficient – almost immediately the rules changed and required a part 107 to use in this way. Because of time and schedule constraints – I have not pursued this and have basically set it aside. I maintain skills – occasionally flying for fun. Remote ID sounds like a good idea – but that it will never be an option for my older hardware. Also – vehicle based internet connection for line of sight flight is silly. The vehicle already has a telemetry connection to a phone on the ground – use the phone on the ground. Seems like the point of all this is to allow autonomous flight beyond visual range – and do it in same airspace we use today. Why not give long range autonomous flight their own airspace – 400 ft to 600 ft – and require remote ID. Below 400 ft use laanc. It’s any easy solution that leaves no one out – everybody wins.”