, Calhan

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 12:27:30
“Ever since I was a kid I’ve watched flight test mad learned so many great things from them. I’ve always wanted to fly model aircraft but being from a rural family we don’t make very much so that dream was a little farther than I could reach. Once I became older I seen a dusty old electric super cub lp in a friend’s basement and knew it was my chance to fly. I’ve always flown on untouched land even though it’s only been about a year of flying these aircraft the enjoyment and learning experience has been amazing. All in all I love to see something defy the laws of gravity so that that dream of looking down at the world is a little more real for me. I think aviation as a whole is a wonderful thing the chance to learn and to be happy is something priceless. Being grounded for not having remote I’d or specific flying fields would take away the opportunity not only from myself but the community. I hope this doesn’t go into effect I would not be able to afford all of the factors that come with it. This is an amazing hobby people spend to much time on there phones and not in reality touching or building things with there hands. Seeing something fly that a person built is a true sense of accomplishment. We need more things like this to stimulate the brain just to realize some of that potential. I’d like to thank flight test for showing me how to build for a price budget that fits my need and all knowledge and experience I have in the hobby. Without I would have never realized my love for model aviation.”