, Cedar Rapids

, Iowa

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 21:22:04
“Flying matters to me because it’s my opportunity to create aircraft from basic materials and see the results of my effort first-hand. It’s been a recreational outlet for me that has expanded my skillsets in a number of areas including engineering, math, and coordination. As such, I take the responsibility seriously, as anyone who has spent many hours building such aircraft would. These aircraft take many tens or hundreds of hours to craft and require a fairly high degree of skill; lumping them in with factory-built GPS or camera-guided drones would be as improper as categorizing Ultralights (which currently have less regulation than those proposed on R/C) under the same group as airliners. All Line-Of-Sight aircraft and short-range video-guided drones should be exempt from these proposed regulations, or the proposed regulations should be scrapped altogether. Due to family obligations and the limitations on the aircraft available to me, I would be almost entirely unable to comply with the proposed regulations and I would have to cease flying possibly altogether.”