, Clovis

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 12:07:22
“I’ve freely enjoyed the hobby since childhood. Being involved has taught me invaluable skills and lessons, that have carried with me into other areas of life. I’ve literally met the nicest people by participating, and made lifelong friends and we’ve grown and learned together, and have been able to share and teach with younger generations. I can’t imagine a life without this hobby. It’s not the hobby but everything that it comes with. The friends, the lessons, the sharing, the excitement, the pride of creating something that flies, and so many more aspects I could keep going on it indefinitely. It’s a very satisfying feeling when it all works, and hard work and studying for years I’ve been very successful. I’ve watched younger people do the same with hard work and willingness. Without model aviation we would have never put a man on the moon. I have no doubt.”