, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-23 18:27:21
“I first got the RC flying bug in the 1970s now that I have moved further into the country I have limited areas that I can fly, this is why I went from flying RC airplanes to now flying mostly quadcopters. I flew a tiny whoop at first and recently built a 5 inch mini quad. I have always had an interest in flying and would love to design my own tricopter someday. If this remote ID goes into effect it will end the hobby for people like myself and so many others like me. I won’t even be able to fly in my own yard legally! What about the STEM programs in schools where kids can build and fly a drone. They won’t be able to fly it because of restrictions. The closest AMA field to me is over an hour away and the RC airplane pilots sure won’t want to share the field with drone pilots let alone an FPV pilot and this field is rented from a farmer so I doubt that he would want to give up more of his farm land to make an area for drones!!! I honestly don’t have a problem with a computer or mail in registration of my drones and maybe make it mandatory to be an AMA member but I don’t think it is necessary to put a remote ID on the drone or transmitter. I honestly don’t think it will work. The people that are intent on doing harm don’t care about the rules and they will find ways around it! It all goes back to the school days “One kid chews gum and everyone gets punished” I realize it is a serious problem with drones flying in sensitive areas and around maned aircraft but I don’t think remote ID is the answer. Like I said you can never stop the ill intention but maybe education is the answer instead!!! Thank you, Curtis”