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2020-02-14 14:06:49
“I started Flying with my Granddad when i was about 6 years old, He had brought my a foam Gilder that you could throw down a hill and sometimes it would fly a little and crash, Sometimes it would just crash. I’m 44 years old now and still playing with toys, But aren’t we all (New Cars etc) I’m a Fiber Optic engineer for one of the largest data center providers in the world, and have learned more about electrical circuits building and fixing broken things also designing, upgrading, making new things i need, That’s somethings i would be doing if i Didn’t Fly FPV Quads. As i write this your force me to think about my granddad who as sadly passed now, so a tear rolls down my face as i write this. As i pause for thought it occurs to me, Some kids may never have that experience with their family let alone the tear running down their face because the memory is just not there. It’s time for the FAA to understand what we do, why we do it, And what little risk is involved. Also understand completely what classes of craft are being flown and for what FPV, FIX WING, MICRO’s LONG RANGE FPV, HELICOPTERS, FILMING RIGS,etc. Hopeful if allowed our communities can further the ongoing education in schools around the world this should be more supported as it’s being used already as a development tool and educational tool.”