, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-24 12:55:08
“After getting into the hobby I have learned so much about programming, electronics, engineering and the various uses of UAS. So much so that I left the active duty military to pursue advanced schooling at K-State with their Design and Integration of UAS in hopes of making an impact in the advancements of technology in this field. I spend a lot of time learning about the new technologies and how I can apply them to my currently registered UAS. I have followed all protocol with Part 107, am certified and licensed also registered all my drones with the FAA and I use the AirMap and Done Flight Ops applications to ensure the safety of civilians and the National airspace. If for any reason I was to fly within a dangerous location I use the app to contact the airport and inform them on my intentions to fly. Most of the time they are thankful for my call. If I were to be restricted to a flight field I could no longer help friends, family and others in various activities such as finding the neighbors lost dog, checking and counting cows and horses, taking spectacular videos of landscape and friends cars. My suggestion is to use an app based program such as AirMap or Drone Flight Ops that requires pilots to sign into a LAANC certified app where they can mark the location at which they intend to fly. I feel that giving my personal information to a third party could create problems with my financial and personal safety. As well as being a college student with 2 jobs and in the Army Reserve I simply do not want to fork out the extra money in an already pricey hobby/career field.”