, Pittsburgh

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-14 10:01:01
“I don’t have an amazing story of triumph and success with R/C flight or flying craft in general. However I have a life long interest in aviation and just about anything mechanical for that matter. I have the fortune to have a local hobby shop still, I try and visit frequently as time permits. I also have 2 young daughters who I take with me to said hobby shop. The value of this time at the hobby shop with my girls cannot be quantified, it’s a bonding that no new toy, new app on a phone, etc, can surpass in personal value. Coupled with the time together at the hobby shop, the time building together the aircraft, going to the park together and the time watching something we created together take flight for the first time is nothing short of magic. The value of self confidence gained, the development of knowledge, finding a passion you love is all at risk if new rules are not implemented in a mindful way. I hope that one day my kids can take the skills they build with me to become successful women in some sort of aeronautical field and hope the opportunity is not lost with unnecessary rules that prevent this.”