, Swartz Creek

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 16:29:03
“There is no added value to the FAA, to General Aviation, or to the Public for safety by adoption of the proposed rules.There is a high probability that if adopted they will destroy a valuable Industry and hobby. I live in a 400 foot ceiling sector of controlled air space. Air Map is perfect as it is now. I get fast authorizations. I am an AMA member. I fly at my Club in Cadillac, MI because their dues are $20 per year. The local club is too far away and charges $125.00 per year. If I cant fly at home then I wont buy planes that require ID , require cell phone use and violate my privacy. I need the freedom to fly my planes with my grad children here at my farm. It is a family hobby that brings us closer together . This proposal will destroy my Hobby, destroy valuable companies like Flitetest,and other manufactures with additional loss of jobs and careers at stake. There are already drone destroying lasers with jamming transmitters for 2.4 GHz frequencies on the market that would protect critical locations. They would be a much more cost effective solution to provide true safety. This solution is attainable in a shorter time to implement and is much more realistic. Unfunded Government mandates and regulations just punish the majority and will be ignored by criminals. The way forward is a co operative effort by the FAA along with the AMA and the Model Industry to work together for a realistic solution. Trying to track and control 100 million tiny drones is not the answer.”