, Indianapolis

, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-22 16:25:11
“I have been safely flying RC since 1986. I enjoy all different kinds of aircraft, but do not have any autonomous ones. I fly because it takes my mind off of everything else. I just recently retired, and was looking forward to enjoying RC flying for many years to come. I am also President of my local RC club that flies on land rented from a farmer, where we have been for 45 years. Our club participates in many events for the community – open house for school kids, scouts, seniors, aviation day at local airport, and a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association that we have held for 34 years, raising over $100,000. Unfortunately it looks like we will lose this field due to urban sprawl and have to find another one this year. Situations like this will be more of a problem if the FAA NPRM on FRIAs goes through as currently written. Hoping that we can convince the FAA to roll out something more realistic that will more likely be complied with.”