, Wausau

, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-13 22:08:15
“Since I was a kid I’ve always been fascinated with flight and my dad flew nitro airplanes once in a while. Growing up, I got interested in RC helicopters specifically but never pulled the plug to buy one or learn how to fly. My aunt finally gave me the push I needed by giving me a toy-grade quadcopter for Christmas. Eventually I bought a helicopter and learned of flite test and got my whole family involved. I built my first scratch built plane with my mom, the ft baby blender. I love flying with my brothers and my younger brother and I have gone to the last three Flite Fests in Ohio. We load up the truck with planes and quads and have a whole lot of fun interacting with members of the community. We just started flying in combats at flite fest this last year as well. I fly mostly LoS fixed wings and my younger brother mainly flies FPV quads. If you’re wondering about the switch from helicopters to fixed-wing aircraft I’d have to say it’s because helicopters are so much more expensive, especially crashes. I have a micro sized helicopter and a T-Rex 450 that I fly occasionally but most of my aircraft are planes. If the coming regulations would drastically increase the cost of flying my planes, that would be devastating to me. For my usual flying field I fly at a local park. I usually have my dad or brother spot for me to make sure I dont bother people by flying near/over them. I’ll go for quick flights after work or sometimes during lunch. I’m not a huge people person and haven’t looked into local clubs. I love flying at my parents house in their back yard as well. Flying to me is a huge family thing. I really hope that the coming regulations won’t end that.”