, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-20 21:18:40
“I’m 31 , I work in tech and I love flying FPV. I’ve met tons of local and tri state people through this hobby who all come together because we love to build and/or compete. All kinds of folks from engineers to Farmers (mostly the former) and have made a lot of friends. Some of this friends have become extremely close throgub our shared passion and are now like family. 3x a year a group of us (20-30) rent a cabin in Pennsylvania and fly all things FPV together. These new regulations as written would destroy our hobby, our ability to get together and fly as friends,, our ability to build a community, our ability to get our kids into STEM through custom built drones. These rules harm the AMERICAN PEOPLE, but they do harm the Amazon lobbyists. My suggestion: create some kind of analog beacon-like system that must be included on any Flight Controller. This would beacon our your serial number on an analog frequency that can be read with the appropriate equipment (e.g. policeman wanting to know who is flying a drone illegally). This could also be read by other aircraft and drones similar to ADSB. Those serial numbers would be registered with manufacturer and distributors and linked to the end consumer so you can bread crumb trail the pilot when necessary.”