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2020-02-22 13:59:37
“I live in a remote area in TN. I work nights and have very few chances to fly. Most of my enjoyment from the hobby comes from building the aircraft.The process of building takes the everyday stress of job out of focus and allows me to relax.The flight is the reward I get from the long hours I spend working and building. The closest AMA field from me is 1.5 hrs away . The requirements to join are costly,the drive would be more cost and in the end unrealistic,I had considered joining many times just to have other people to fly with, however in the end the time to drive ,the cost for membership, and the time I would have to fly just made it unworthily. example being I wake up around 1 pm it would take 30 min to 1 hr to load the equipment. then 1.5 hrs to drive another 30 min to 1 hr to unload.Another 30 more min minutes to perform setup and safety. The time would then be 4 pm or later and in the fall and winter months would leave me less than 1 hr to fly. As much as I can see the possible need for regulations in some areas I can not see these being a one size fits all.I think a better solution would be to require remote id on all aircraft in designated areas and leave large areas open to free flight under current regulations. A example would be that heavy populated areas would require it such as city’s,airports and perhaps neighborhoods. This would address privacy and safety issues as allow commercial operations.While still leaving room for hobbyist to continue. This could be accessible via the same way current airspace is via apps maps ect. I have enjoyed this hobby very much and have shared it with my friends and family.In world that is becoming more digital it is nice to have outdoor activity’s. It would be a crime and a injustice to future generations to enact requirements that would make this hobby wither and fade.”