, Waterloo

, Nebraska

, United States

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2020-02-24 13:33:07
“I have been flying quadcopters since I was 8 started with cheap Walmart ones and I now own 4 5-inch carbon fiber quadcopter’s, 2 tiny whoops, 1 3-inch carbon fiber quadcopter, 1 tribade copter, and 5 cheaper small drones such as the nano qx from horizon, amongst a ton of extra parts. almost all of my drones are fpv capable. If any of these presented regulations were to be put up I would not be able to fly in any place that I do now my grandparents currently own 3 acres of land that I fly regularly with plenty of trees to freestyle around. i have also flown at a near by soccer field with some friends. So location restrictions would be a huge damper. The remote id I consider to not be to bad as long as it’s provided, small, light, and 100% private with no personal information attached, and not available to the public as I do not need any buddy with a computer or phone to be able to find me! An idea if you guys want a location and don’t want to give out id’s is use one of the already made apps that pilots can post there location on. I do not live near any airports or fly near them. If I every would be I would call the airport and give the necessary info to be clear. If age helps I am 17 so as you can see this Hobby effects a lot of ages.”