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2020-02-25 11:07:39
“I believe that these rules are not only not truly enforceable, but won’t work. Fixed flying sites are hard to find if you are not in a large metropolitan area. The burden of travel to one of these locations, and the ability to transport the equipment to and from are not feasible for many people. A better option is what is already being done with the app, and getting clearance from the local ATC system. That way everyone is able to be aware of each other. Possibly having pilots of drones over a certain size who are operating within a certain distance (< 3 miles) have radio contact with the local tower. I think that the remote ID system, if it removes the restriction on LOS aviation would be good. That way people can do their own land surveys. This would also increase development opportunities for the remote aviation system starting in the hobby world. Requiring all "drones" to be on the system is an undo burden on everyone who isn't able to do this though, a good example would be a 12 year old in the back yard, or their parents pasture. Not only would connectivity become an issue for people not located in good cellular coverage areas, but the cost of the equipment for kids trying to get into the hobby, learning these skills, would kill their ability to do so. I think a good alternative to the blanket response is have remote ID on all Industrial and Commercial applications of this new technology, that way you are not stifling the enthusiast, and will promote more development at lower levels. This is how 3D printing has been handled for the most part, and its rapid development can be directly attributed to the hobbyist and DIY community that it promoted.”