, Tampa

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-23 9:41:30
“i have been in this hobby for the past two years and I have brought several friends and family into it as well. I have taught both my 11 and 15 year old daughters to fly, build and program our kwads. My 11 year old even used the skills I taught her to use in her school’s STEM fair on programming and robotics. She placed top 10 in her school and may go to districts. My oldest participated in her first race yesterday which she crashed every time but had a lot of fun and learned from her mistakes to get better in each heat. I travel for work a lot and take several of my kwads with me to fly at parks, beaches and other interesting spots I find. It helps me relax and take my mind off the hard times of being away from my family. I tell both of my children about places that I got to fly and people I got to meet while doing this. We are always safe and are not reckless. I follow the laws because of my current and former jobs. These new regulations will kill our hobby and all the jobs associated with it. You will put all the mom and pop shops out of business and even our larger manufacturers will not survive. Please do not kill our hobby.”