, Canada

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2020-02-24 11:06:55
“I fly a combination of LoS and FPV aircraft, including electric fixed wing, slope soaring gliders and small racing quads. I build many of my planes from scratch parts, and the added complexity of adding in Remote ID will make my existing hangar of over 20 planes impossible to comply. I fly within regulations (under 400’) primarily at remote sites, and access to club locations in Vancouver BC is very limited. I am very concerned that FAA regulations will be adopted by Transport Canada, and kill my hobby locally. Periodically I will travel with a small glider to San Francisco or California and slope soar LoS on local cliffs with a glider… this has no risk to people or air traffic as it is under elevations of 50’ and in remote locales. When I travel to the US to do this I spend money locally on food and lodging, and if remote ID is required I would stop doing flight tourism and spending money traveling. Note with my scratch a vast majority of my hobby spend is done at US hobby stores such as GetFPV, ReadyMade RC or Flight Test. Remote ID would eliminate my purchases and hurt these excellent hobby stores.”