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, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:10:51
“I have been flying model aircraft for almost 60 years. Starting with free flight models and moving through different control methods to today’s complex radio control and autonomous flight control. I have been designing and building craft through many of these control modes including today’s flight controllers that I purchase and design a craft around. I also buy ready to fly commercial consumer craft. I am first and foremost a hobbyist with no plans to turn my involvement into a business. I am a retired engineer and much of my love of model airplane flying drove my love of engineering so it is safe to say I would not have been a successful engineer without that background. I have grandchildren that I am exposing to model flying to excite them with the same passion I have. I start them with cheap throwaway drones and have several more advanced drones available for them as they progress all they have to do is show an interest or ask “what do they do Grammy?” I am already for them today.”