, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-19 9:09:12
“I grew up around full scale aircraft and my grandfather and father were both full scale pilots. The cost of full scale flying is out of my reach. Flying highly accurate scale models is the closest I can get to flying. I fly models that represent both national and personal history, with planes that are modeled after planes my grandfather flew and ones critical to our victory in WW2. These models bring history to life. I have no interest in flying beyond line of sight, attaching cameras, flying in restricted areas, or trying to make a viral video. I fly to bring history to life and share history with others. I have almost 30 planes and the addition of remote ID systems is cost and weight prohibitive. Many planes only fly a few times a year and are in static display for 95% of the time. Remote ID for each model would place them in permeant storage. I strongly believe GPS and camera enabled drones need restrictions and ID systems. I disagree that scale model aircraft flying at approved AMA sites or private property should require remote ID.”