, Alabama

, United States

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2020-02-20 5:26:04
“Flying is such a multi faceted aspect of my life. I fly manned aircraft for personal, and volunteer missions. I also have loved, since my youth, experimenting with various flight vehicles, and platforms. I still do to this day. I fly multi-rotor fixed-wing and various combinations of the two for recreation, and research / data collection. It is not just one small component of the R/C or autonomous world… It’s an amalgamation of recreation, hobby, creating, experimenting, learning, family fun, and even a little work at times. I truly fear that hype, and corporate influence will squash one of the greatest aspects, and freedoms so deeply ingrained within Americana. Particularly at a time when we are facing a durth of aviation personnel (pilots, mechanics, inventors.) Just keep manned flight 500 feet and above with authorized exceptions. Let’s use statistics and good faith analysis to set any policy not fear, hype, corporate authorship, and politics. Thank You”