, Columbus

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-15 17:05:06
“I began flying rc in 2013 with a hobby zone super cub. This got me hooked on aviation in general. I began building rc planes from foam board, then began using insulation foam to make more sturdy models. This hobby has led me to pursue higher education, and I am currently studying aeronautical engineering at Ohio State. This hobby has given me a reason to learn many skills, such as soldering, electrical wiring, programming, and general aerodynamics. I believe this hobby will make me a better engineer later in life as I have already had more practical experience with aviation than most of my peers in engineering. I also work at an airport part time where I fuel and Marshall aircraft. None of these interests would have come had I not began flying rc with that super cub. I believe that these proposed regulations have the potential to begin a precident where model flying is viewed negatively in general. With a negative stigma associated with our hobby, people may not expose their children to it, where they may not have the opportunity to discover aviation. I began building models of my own because I couldn’t afford to take real flight lessons, and I can remember flying around at a local soccer complex and listening on my scanner radio to the real aircraft flying the pattern over out our local county airport. These types of experiences can give children and others a desire to learn more about aviation, and potentially work on the next great projects in aerospace.”