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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-19 20:21:37
“I first flew around the age of five. It was my fathers scratch built SIG Kadet Sr. Fixed wing plane. He built it with his own two hands at the age of 18. Meaning he was 37 when I first flew it. My brother who is three years younger than I learned to fly on that same SIG Kadet Senior. My brother and my father build mostly gas planes with some electrics. I’m almost 100% electric. I build a lot of Flite Test designs using mostly Speed Build Kits. I personally love the hobby and the innovation and the knowledge it’s capable of providing our youth with. I’m currently 27 my younger brother is 24. I fly with my dad and my brother every weekend. It was passed down to my father from his dad. The thing this hobby does well is , it teaches young people that even if your not good at football, or basketball, you can do something that requires both your mind and your hands. I feel like if this hobby were to be strangled by further regulation. It would hinder future generations. I understand something is needed. In my personal opinion it’s needed for the guy who goes to Best Buy and buys a DJI Mavic Mini and flies it around his neighbors house. Not the guy that builds a SIG Kadet Senior. Not the guy that builds a Balsa USA Stingray. And not the guy that builds an FT Legacy. We’re teaching these kids important lessons in, Lift, Drag, and Gravity. As well as electrical knowledge and even in some cases the way the internal combustion engine works. In over 45+ years of flying at our site, which is in rural Ohio, with no airspace restrictions. We have never had an issue. We all hold AMA memberships, and comply by their guidelines. If this current proposal goes into effect for all models, as opposed to just drones with sensors. Instead of fixed wing scratch built aircraft not only will it cripple the hobby and countless business’ but it will also destroy the fun a lot of families have. In a generation where it’s hard to get young kids off of phones and Xbox’s is it the worst idea in the world to give these kids a reason to learn, build with their hands and go outside? The guys at FliteTest get it. I hope they can convince the FAA there’s a difference in drones from Best Buy and scratch built DIY planes.”