, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-13 20:51:11
“Was introduced to rc by my father, have always had a passion for aircraft. After having my children 3 boys, I got busy with sports and other activities with the kids. I always missed the hobby and thought one day I could share it with my children. The 2 older boys didn’t really have the interest, but my youngest fell in love with planes and the hobby. Now this is something that we share and love spending time together flying and taking about flying. I was excited thinking that this is something that I can share with him for the rest of our lives and possibly with his kids. I truly think that these rules would endanger the possibility of this happening. Please try to keep our hobby fun, easy and accessable to everyone. Thank you for your time. I have attached a photo of my son’s and his first build, he worked on it every night until it was finished. He learned so much. Next year he will be leaving for college to pursue a mechanic engineering degree, I really think this hobby has lead him in this direction.”