, Sammamish

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 2:46:33
“My father taught me build model airplanes when I was young. I spent hours and hours learning how planes flew, how to build them, and then how to build them well. It also gave me an understanding of the overall physics, the mechanics, and the electronics involved. A lot of lessons I learned from spending this time building RC aircraft with my father helped foster and grow my interest in engineering. I learned on how to actually build something that could fly. I would test fly them and observe what worked and what didn’t, and was able to go back to make changes. This rinse and repeat process is a hallmark of engineering. I went onto to become an electrical engineer and have worked at some of the best companies, including Sikorsky Helicopter and Microsoft. If such regulations being proposed today were put in place when I was growing up, I am certain I would not have been able to get into the hobby or learn as much engineering as I did so young. And as a result, I am a fairly certain I wouldn’t have gone to college for engineering. I would not have worked at Sikorsky helicopter and wouldn’t have been able to contribute to the aircraft our military use that keep this country free. I would not have the wonderful career that I’ve been blessed with. We must encourage our youth in such engineering hobbies if we want America to continue to be a global leader.”