, Netherlands

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2020-02-19 3:18:52
“I am studying electrical engineering and fly quadcopters as a hobby. It is so cool to bring all the theoretical concepts to life in the form of a drone. The community is always there to help for everyone and to teach new people about our hobby. The remote ID system raises some concerns for me. Firstly, smaller drones will never be able to contain such a system (we can build them as light as 20 grams!) Also the privacy aspect is a big concern for me. When a kid has built a drone and wants to test it, they would have to go to a field to fly. When they can be tracked, this could be extremely dangerous. To me it seems that a better idea would be to have pilots take courses to fly safely instead of tracking the drone and pilot at all times. Here in the Netherlands, we can’t fly over buildings or people (without consent). This seems to me enough regulation to punish anyone with wrong intentions.”